Twofour54 gets a stake in online art marketplace

Collectionair Abu Dhabi`s me dia and home entertainment complimentary zone twofour54 has obtained a stake in Collectionair, an online market for fine arts in emerging markets consisting of MENA.No information was exposed about psd email template the size of the stake.Less than ten days ago twofour54 revealed that it had actually ventured into video gaming, with in investment along with YCombinator in online cross-platform gaming startup Unnyhog. This time around, it`s gone into arts and ecommerce.

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Finding a specific niche: Online digital art market

Chosen for start-up accelerator program thanks to the efforts of a group of former University of Wisconsin students, digital artists now have a safe and efficient place to market their work.Established by previous Badgers QuHarrison Terry, Ryan Cowdrey and Conley Totter, 23VIVI is an online marketplace where collectors and artists can purchase and sell digital art. The company was just recently granted admission into a sought after 2016 business-acceleration program run by local startup accelerator Gener8tor.

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The Internet TO REACH A BROADER AUDIENCE Central Market, one of the most popular attractions in the Malaysian capital city of Kuala Lumpur, has inked a Memorandum of Understanding with online market 11street to make its products readily available online.The historic place is famed for its large offerings of distinct items that vary from style to home decors, sports, electronic devices, paintings and regional handicraft.

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